Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions not listed here, please contact me directly. 

  • What is Ice Dye?

Ice Dyeing is a technique similar to tie dye, where you utilize ice cubes to dissolve powdered dye into fabric, rather than mixing a dry powder with water. 

  • Do all your items really take 2 weeks (clothing) or 4 weeks (bedding) to produce? What if I need something faster?

I can occasionally accommodate faster turnaround times, depending on my production schedule. If you are on a tight schedule, you can reach out to me directly to find out what my current capacity is for a tight turnaround, or I can tell you what products I have on-hand that might suit your needs. 

  • Can you make custom ice dyed outfits for my entire bachelorette party/girls' weekend/bachelor party/guys' weekend/family reunion/etc?

Yes! I love to do this. Everyone can do the same pieces, or you can select different items per person. The image on my homepage is from a custom order for a girls' weekend. I don't carry those dresses normally, but I can get a wide variety of different dresses, robes, cover-ups, and other interesting options. Reach out to me directly to get a conversation going. 

  • Can you ice dye branded tees for my business?

Yes! I have done this for a few corporate clients and I love it! Reach out to start a conversation. 

  • I found something white at a thrift store that I want to personalize. Can you dye it for me?

Yes! I love to do this, especially if items have stains or issues that would otherwise make them unloveable. In order to use my process, I need the fabric to be 100% cotton, or as close to 100% as possible (usually 65% and higher works okay, but 80-100 is ideal). I can also work with other natural fibers such as rayon, bamboo, and hemp. I can work with wool but I don't have quite as much experience with it so generally I prefer not to. 

I also can dye yards of fabric for quilting or other products, or I can dye just about anything white that you can purchase online, whether it be a Nike sweatsuit or Madewell jeans. I charge a fee to dye your item in cases where you provide the blanks. 

  • I saw something at one of your in-person shows or on your Instagram that I don't see on your website. Can I order it online?

Yes! I offer a selection of my most popular items and most popular colorways on my website, but I could never offer every item I sell in-person online. I'm just one lady updating a website! Reach out to me directly to inquire about a custom order request. Even if you want to ask for "more white" or less of a particular color, I am happy to do what I can to make your ice dyed dream a reality. 

For my in-person shows, I often bring a selection of one-offs, experiments, and other wacky things so you often won't see those items on my website. 

I occasionally do sample sales/story sales on my instagram page with current inventory, so follow me over there to stay updated when those happen!

  • I want to order something custom from you, but I just can't figure out what colors to choose! Can you help me?

Sure! For the time being, I'm a small enough operation that I love working directly with customers to create custom pieces. If you tell me a color or two that you'd like to include (and/or some that you want to avoid), I can send you some sample photos of some past pieces I've made, and we can go from there. 

  • I bought something from you and it doesn't fit. Can I return it? 

I want every customer to love the fit of the item that they purchase, so for that reason I do honor exchanges for the same piece in another size. However, because of the nature of custom work and the fact that my pieces are largely made-to-order, it is highly advisable that you assess sizing charts and do your best to select the right size from the get-go, to avoid having to recreate the item in another size. If you are having a hard time deciding what size you want, reach out directly and I will do my best to assist. 

For pieces purchased at an in-person sale, exchanges for a different size are gladly honored. 

  • Do you offer classes or parties?

Currently, I am not set up to offer classes or parties. I do sell an ice dye kit which comes with an instructional video, and I love to chat with people who are curious about ice dyeing or tie dyeing to help them have success with this medium.