You buy it, I'll dye it

Purchase your own white cotton items to have hand-dyed, or send me old white items that need new life! I’ll happily dye just about anything you want whether it’s a pair of crisp new jeans or a set of sheets that need a fresh start!

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Behind the magic

Our Process

We hand-dye each piece with professional-grade fiber-reactive procion dyes, so that the fear of a piece bleeding on your other garments in the laundry is a thing of the past.

Our ice-dye technique results in unexpected, organic designs that look almost floral.

Let's get transparent

Our Materials

We do our very best to source our blank dyeable items as sustainably as possible. We work with wholesale brands that produce their products in WRAP-certified facilities, such as Bella+Canvas and Alternative Apparel. We also source blank items secondhand, and relish the opportunity to save a white garment with a few stains from its destiny in a landfill. Though we do occasionally dye "fast fashion" items, we strive to make this the exception and not the rule.

The dyes we use are fiber reactive procion dyes, sold by Dharma Trading Company. These dyes are considered low-impact from an ecological standpoint, and are absolutely safe once the dyeing process is complete. The dye actually becomes part of the molecular structure of the fabric once the dyeing process is complete. Becuase of this, babies can chew on clothing dyed with these dyes, chemically sensitive folks can wear fabrics dyed with them, and no matter if you sweat profusely or stand outside in the rain, the dye will not run. Fiber reactive dyes are the only dyes that this is true of.

If you have any other questions on sourcing or materials, please reach out.

What we believe in

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple. We just want to produce fun, funky clothing and homewares for everyone and every body. We want to see our clothing on babies and grandmothers alike, and revel in the smiles that our products put on the faces of those who wear them, and those around them.

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Prefer to shop in person? Find us at weekly farmers markets and other events.

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